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Managing Partners Forum

With Managing Partners’ Forum expanding to Canada, Larry Stroud (founder of Korverge) has been appointed Executive Director. Initially established in the UK, the Forum brings together professional firm leaders to share ideas on strategic leadership and management excellence with each other and peers at clients. The purpose of the Forum is to support the growth, productivity and prosperity of professional services – e.g. legal, accountancy, consultancy, engineering, real estate advisory etc. The 100 firms that currently belong to the Forum bring together tens of thousands of professionals worldwide.

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Collaborative Client Thinking

Client Centric Collaboration™

Collaboration is not a new word – it’s been lingering around professional services firms for a long time. It’s just that no one knows how to make it work right so there is real revenue generation as a result.

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Marketing & Communications

For the Small Firm: Part-time Business Development and Marketing Director

Many small professional firms recognize the need for business development and marketing expertise but cannot justify the salary costs of a qualified and highly experienced marketing professional.

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Business Development Coaching

Business Development Coaching for Accountants and Lawyers

As a lawyer or accountant being good at what you do doesn’t ensure success. Being good is a given. But to build your career you need the proven ability to bring in business.

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I wouldn't hesitate to recommend business development coaching from Larry Stroud of Korverge, which was extremely effective. I enjoyed working with Larry.

Marc MercierPartner - Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP - Lawyers

Most marketing and business development consultants have never seen things from our side of the desk by actually being involved in managing a professional firm. This isn’t the case with Larry Stroud of Korverge. His mentorship, coaching and strategic advice on business development and marketing moved us forward light years in a short period.

Hy PennFormer Managing Partner - Shimmerman Penn LLP - Chartered Professional Accountants

We have been using business development coaching services from Larry Stroud of Korverge for certain of our Associates and Principals. I have had positive feedback from the participants.

Marlene KaneDirector of Professional Development, National - McMillan LLP - Lawyers

Larry Stroud of Korverge indicated we are a marketing savvy firm, but that didn’t stop him from identifying a number of significant matters where we needed to improve. Our ongoing relationship with Larry provides us with a high-level sounding board. It’s great to have a professional services guru on call that really cares about us.

Joel LazerManaging Partner - Lazer Grant LLP - Chartered Professional Accountants
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