Retreat Facilitation

Retreats and Away Days

Larry Stroud is an experienced facilitator of Strategic and Visioning Retreats and Away Days. He establishes the agenda through working with a firm’s leadership and in many cases pre-retreat questionnaires and one-on-one interviews. The end result of this process is a highly targeted retreat.  If the leadership already have an agenda Larry will bring his experience of retreat management to suggest refinements in order to achieve successful outcomes.

He will use a combination of facilitated group discussions, breakout sessions and individual ‘in the moment’ exercises.  With the retreat team there will be a realistic look at the firm’s strengths and weaknesses including topics e.g. communications; team collaboration; consideration of team structures; and client service standards.  This realistic look is often combined with an assessment of competition and positioning in the marketplace. As appropriate the topic of ‘leadership succession’ may be included.

Larry has been a Partner in two different accounting firms during his career. He brings a unique prospective to retreat facilitation – having managed clients; dealt with high level complex specialist cases; experience of working on committees and management boards; and held senior business development positions.  He has successfully facilitated retreats for mid-market professional firms.  This unique experience allows Larry to ‘cut through the fog and clutter’ to identify the real issues; challenge retreat participants; and put the participants and firms on an objectives-based action plan.

In many situations Larry has provided on-going support through coaching for certain individuals, including certain members of the leadership, to encourage actions and advance objectives.  He has also conducted small discussion-based seminars such as Lunch N’ Learns as a refresher of elements of the retreat outcomes.  In addition, in many cases Larry has become the on-going mentor to the firm’s managing partner.

For more information on Retreats contact Larry.

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