For the Small Firm: Part-time Business Development and Marketing Director

Many small professional firms recognize the need for business development and marketing expertise but cannot justify the salary costs of a qualified and highly experienced marketing professional. As a result, firms may opt for a junior marketing person that unfortunately may lack professional services experience and does not appreciate the nuances of a professional partnership, both of which hinder the marketing person’s acceptance and credibility.

The part-time contracted Business Development & Marketing Director is the logical solution for many small professional firms since it provides the right level of talent at a reasonable cost. The embedded position normally provides 1 – 3 days per week of time and can be a combination of in-person at your offices or working remotely, whichever meets the firm’s needs.

Larry Stroud has considerable experience providing this part-time embedded role with huge success for the client. The client secures high level talent experienced with small firm professional services that knows how to cut through the fog and make things happen. The result is revenue generation.

Typically, work areas can include a combination of the following:

  • Consider the firm’s brand and key messaging
  • Create a tailored overall business development and marketing strategy plan comprising key objectives with specific actions
  • Confirm or identify industry sector specialties. Work with the relevant partners to develop a plan of key objectives with specific actions to advance the firm’s profile and revenue generation. Continuously work with industry groups on implementation
  • For practice areas, work with the relevant partners to develop a strategy plan comprising key objectives and specific actions to encourage new client origination and to enhance existing client relationships. Continuously work with the practice area groups
  • Provide one-on-one business development coaching for specific partners, managers and associates
  • Provide high level practice management mentorship to certain partners
  • Provide ad hoc training sessions (generally a short Lunch ‘n Learn format) on business development and marketing for certain team levels
  • Review the firm’s historical response process to Request for Proposals (RFPs). Then work on all major proposals by helping with drafting and if a presentation is required, guide the team on the creation of the content and rehearse the presentation team
  • Manage the firm’s content marketing, social media and website
  • Manage all internal/external marketing communications
  • Report at partner meetings on progress and developments
  • Facilitate partner strategy retreats

To discuss the Part-time Business Development & Marketing Director service please contact Larry Stroud at or at 416 728 7409.

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