Business Development and Marketing Audits

Objective Manager

Larry Stroud offers a fresh perspective to your firm’s business development and marketing. He has conducted business development and marketing audits for small and mid-sized professional firms and large national firms with numerous fulltime team members working to support the function.

The audits are particularly important to small firms that have a limited budget. It will help to ensure the most appropriate spend of marketing dollars.

Larry’s audit will help firms assess its business development and marketing function to ensure they have the right resource to support its objectives.

The audit will include, amongst other things: how your collateral pieces are being properly used and received by your audience; a review of your communication tools to ensure they are appropriate to your objectives and on message; and review your social media usage and management. Larry will also look at your responses to RFPs, the process and how they are managed, the quality of your final proposals and your conversion rate.

An important part of the audit is considering the people and their roles – including whether they are the right people doing the right things.  Larry will also assess any current contracted outsourced services and those that you might consider for effectiveness.  In addition, Larry will seek to identify and suggest how the firm can leverage the real talents for business development purposes.

For more information on business development and marketing audits contact Larry.

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