Though Korverge offers many services, what we do can be summed up in six small words: We help your professional firm prosper. It’s that simple – and that powerful. Korverge are leaders in consulting and interim management for professional service firms in Canada.

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It’s hard for a Rainmaker to understand how a fellow partner can have difficulty in winning new work, since in most cases it comes natural for the Rainmaker.  He or she is totally at ease in developing contacts or identifying opportunities with clients.  Many professionals, however, find it a daunting task.  It can be a combination of not knowing how to make the approach, how to identify the opportunities and how to follow through in getting the prospects agreement.  In many cases however,...


“The practical guidance Larry Stroud provides is invaluable to business development and marketing.”

“Our ongoing relationship with Larry provides us with a high-level sounding board on our key initiatives. It’s great to have a professional services guru on call that really cares about us.”

“His coaching is specifically designed to generate tangible results.”

“Most business development consultants have never seen things from our side of the desk by actually being involved in managing a professional firm. This isn’t the case with Larry Stroud.”

“He helps me see things clearly so I can better lead my team.”

Objective Manager

Objective Manager
Originally created for law firms but now used by accounting firms and other professional service providers ObjectiveManager® is an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables professional firms to clarify their strategy, engage talent and achieve outstanding results.

ObjectiveManager® has a growing list of professional firms as customers in Canada, US and the UK, from a 25-lawyer firm to a firm with over 3,200 users, many with multiple national/regional offices and it's being used by major international firms.

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